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Hi! My name is Maryam Shahnawaz, former dispatcher turned web-developer. From a dull day job to writing lines of codes and bringing my imagination to life, my passion is combine code and my creativity to create websites and apps. One of the best parts of coding is that it’s a universal language that everyone can read and speak regardless of cultural backgrounds it’s something that can truly unite people. I’m eager to find pour and all my ideas and effort into creating the best websites I can. Drop me a line and/or your favourite restaurant in GTA.


CSS3 C.S.S 3
Java Script Javascript
Jquery Jquery
React React
GitHub Github
Visual Studio Visual Studio
Firebase Firebase
Responsive Design
Accessibility Accessibility


An image of Creative design website

Creative Design WebSite

A PSD conversion to website created with HTML5, SASS and Bootstrap fully responsive and functional. Featuring sleek design elements as well as an attention-grabbing design.

An image of website called Web developer services

Creative Digital Agency

Fully responsive and interactive dummy website made using bootstrap, SCSS and HTML.

An image of Movie Iconic app

Movie Iconic

Movie Iconic is an application that displays a variety of different movie titles organized into different categories. The application uses the TMDB api to display its titles and categorize them by genre. You can click on any title you’re interested and it’ll bring up an info card including the release date, synopsis and a trailer. This app is made using solely react and features a clean, stylish and responsive interface.

An image of Page Turner app

synchronized Clock

Synchronized clocks is an app created using React. One clock is analog and one is digital both are completely synchronized and update to match the other.

An image of Page Turner app

Page Turners

Page-turner is a reading list app which has 3 lists that help you keep track of which books you're currently reading, which books you’ve finished reading and which books you’ve favourited. This project uses the Google Book API and was created in collaboration with @Tom Milton, @Jess Lau and @Ragulan Ravi

An image of movie finder app called flix finder

Flix Finder Movie

Flix Finder is a movie database app that allows you to search up movies by name and genre which then turns up hundreds of results and if a movie peeks your interest you can click on it for a short synopsis. This app uses the TMDB database and was created in collaboration with @Melissa Locquiao

An image of e-commerce plant house app

Plant House App

Plant House is an e-commerce app that allows users to browse through a selection of artificial plants and add the ones they like to a checkout cart that updates in real time.

An image of website called under the sea its about aquarium

Under The Sea

Under the sea is the end result of the translation of a static image into a fully functional website with working buttons and forms.

An image of website called Electric Selectors

Electric Selectors

Electric Selector is store for buying electric appliances and its a PSD conversion and this project is created in codepen

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